The Bloggers’ Legal Defense Society

All of us who blog know, even if we don’t think about it, that our big mouths could get us into trouble. For better or worse, we’ve been noticed by the Powers That Be, and they are not at all happy with the power of the pajamahadeen.

Blogger Jason Kottke finds himself with a legal “issue” over his posts on last week’s ill-kept Jeopardy /Ken Jennings “secret”. (Yeah, it was about as secret as the national debt.)

Now personally, I don’t give a rat’s posterior about Jeopardy. I watch TV, but not much, and not Jeopardy . I do give a lot more than a rat’s posterior about little issue about attacks on our freedom of speech, SLAPP lawsuits and other evils of the age.

One important thing to note about this episode–Kottke and the Washington Post *spit* both posted the transcript of the Jeopardy episode in question. Kottke has come in for legal action, but the Washington Post hasn’t heard a word from Sony. Old Media trying to tame the New Media? Unwillingness to take on an organization big enough to defend itself? You decide.

Go to BuzzMachine and check out the idea for Bloggers’ Legal Defense Society. We need to support the idea and the creation of this, for our own protection.

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