Liberals believe in freedom of speech–as long as they agree with the speech…

(Via WorldNet Daily)

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention for the last umpteen years, here is another example of how our Leftist Liberals can’t tolerate any view other than their own.

Rebecca Porter had an abortion at some point in her past and now regrets it. She availed herself of her First amendment guaranteed right of free speech to let Presidential Pretender John Kerry (spit) know about it. She was lucky enough to deliver the message personally and know that it was received:

“…he looked me directly in the eyes.”

“I hope he saw my pain. I was not angry, just pleading with him to understand. You could see the shock and surprise on his face,” Porter said.

And the reward from those who so prize the First amendment (and the Second, and the rest of the Constitution as well)?

But within seconds, a Kerry campaign staff member approached Porter and grabbed her sign.

“You can’t have that sign here,” the Kerry staffer said.

The sign tore and Porter let go. After he had possession of it, the Kerry staffer “tore it to pieces” and walked away. “He wouldn’t even let me have the pieces,” Porter said.

Of course, the Kerry campaign refuses to comment.

Think before you vote people. A lot is at stake.

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