You can tell that Kerry the Ketchup Boy is behind in the polls–the Dems have started dragging out every old crappy charge (and a few new favorites) they can find to throw at George W. Bush. A brief perusal of web news sites shows that they’re whining about:

Bush’s Air National guard service (via WorldNet Daily)
Special treatment during Air National Guard service
Bush’s religious faith is akin to fundamentalist Islam (via WorldNet Daily)
Drug use (via Drudge)
War on Terrorism, mismanagement of
The economy

along with a number of other issues.

I also note the increasing Clintonization of the Kerry campaign apparatus, demonstrated by the addition of Clintonistas Joel P. Johnson and Joe Lockhart (former senior communications aides to Bill Clinton), Howard Wolfson (mouthpiece for Sen. Hillary Clinton) and Doug Sosnik (former Clinton political director). These are the biggies being reported, who knows how many smaller ones are employed at Kamp Kerry.

All of this tells me that the Dems, who for the last 20 years have been driven by polls, are being driven mad by the polls. They just can’t seem to understand why all us little people don’t acknowledge their intellectual superiority and allow them to run our lives.

They’re on the run, boys! Keep up the pressure. It’s time for all of us who oppose Kerry to step up to the plate and campaign for President Bush in whatever way we can. Put that bumper sticker on your car. Get a yard sign. Volunteer for your local Republican Party office. Contribute if you can. Talk to your friends, your neighbors, the people you work with.

Let’s go for a big win, so that the President’s coattails are long enough to give us big majorities in both houses of the Congress. This election is quite possibly the most important one of the last 50 years, and we can’t stop until it’s won, and won big.

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