An anti-gun measure goes down in flames

Well, it started out life as a law to protect a perfectly legal industry, firearms manufacturers, from nonsense lawsuits. It ended life with it’s own creator calling for its death. You can read the Fox News report here.

There is the predictable wailing of the anti-gun forces. They miscalculated that the pro-gunners wanted the immunity portion so badly that they’d swallow all of the anti-gun BS that they attached to it. Then the pro-gunners had the temerity to kill the bill. “Unfair!” wails the putrescent pols of the liberal left. “Heh, heh!” say I.

But Fox doesn’t tell you that Republican lawmakers set the stage for the amendments in the first place–they voted to allow amendments to be submitted. Some, RINO John Warner of Virginia being one, actually voted for the blasted things. And the “gun show loophole” (gr-r-r-r) closing was sponsored by none other than John McCain, leading RINO. Fox at least gives you a list of the traitorous so-and-sos.

We’ve won one today but lost a needed protection for the manufacturers. But make absolutely no mistake here–the gun-grabbers will be back. Keep your eyes open. “Ready on the right, ready on the left, ready in the center. Firers, scan your range.”

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