I feel much safer now…

I picked up on this from Kim du Toit.

Now, boys, I’m here to tell you…if you’re upset, good. You ought to be. Anyone who loves this country and what it stands for (not what the politicians, courts, political parties, yapping media tripehounds or various “advocacy groups” says it stands for, but what the Founders said it stands for) should be upset. But if you’re surprised, then you haven’t been paying attention for oh, the last 40 years or so.

Publicize this sort of activity when you find out about it. Start your own blog, do a website, email it to a select group of friends, call your mom or whatever, but spread the word. The way these misbegotten so-and-sos get away with this is because the tame media won’t spread the word. “Conservative” media will, but their reach is too short as a rule.

We must take our country back, and we have to start right now. We’ve already waited too long–wait much longer and there will be no chance of success. So get off your butt and pledge 15 minutes a day to getting the word out.

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