It never fails that someone gets some variant of The Yuck at this time of year. This is a banner year for Yuck, as the GrandThings and I all have it. Unbelievable mucous production and coughing seem to be the hallmarks of the disease. Kids and I have all been to one version or another of the doc-in-a-box. I have the worst case, so I won the medicine lottery-antibiotics, cough medicine with decongestant, yet another cough med, and that’s enough. Very tired, so of course they want to deliver the tractor.

A lot is going on in the Mideast and elsewhere. Pray if the spirit moves you.

Out here.

1 thought on “The Yuck

  1. I hope you recover soon. I had a nagging cough for several weeks, and a little congestion some days, but no other symptoms. I took IVM of course. Cough drops seemed to make it worse. I ended up taking honey diluted in water, as needed, throughout the day and night, which seemed to calm the cough better than syrup or drops.
    Good luck

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