Report from the OP, April 3, 2023

Time flies when you’re busier than a…

I’ve spent a lot of time with the grandkids. Thing 1 has been cutting teeth (she’s now up to four) and has two ear infections (we’re on the second round of antibiotics) while Thing 2 has just been grumpy and irritable. Both have wanted extensive holding, which we’ve provided.

The migraines have also cost me 4 days in the last two weeks. My neurologist thinks I may have too much CGRP inhibitor in my system, so we’ve backed down one drug from every other day to twice a week. That may be working. I’m still monitoring it to see.

Despite that, there have been forays out into the world, both virtually and in person, always with my eyes open.

Globally, it seems that little has changed, something I think we should be thankful for. The march toward totalitarian governments still moves haltingly, stumblingly on.

The big national news is tomorrow’s arrangement of President Trump, apparently for everything they could think to throw at him–30+ charges. They must be truly terrified of the guy. The show should be interesting to see. I’m wondering if NYFC will go back on their agreement on “no handcuffs” and start some sort of blue-on-blue standoff. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

Hey, weren’t we having a banking crisis recently? Like before this Trump indictment popped up? I wonder what happened. *ahem*

Locally, gas prices are bi-polar. The new low seems to be $3.13, the high is $3.45. This is spread over about a 30-mile radius of my home. The odd thing is that you can have stations within eyeshot of each other at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Grocery prices continue their rise. Mrs. Freeholder reports that our local Aldi’s prices are now in-line with those at Food Lion. This isn’t good, but still, it gives us an alternative that isn’t Food Lion or Walmart. Shortages are few, although the amount of shelf space given to “certain items” has shrunk as their availability has dropped.

Taken a pet to the vet lately? I just took one of our old guys in for his annual. Looked him over and gave him two vaccinations–$111. These vets, while very good, are one of the less expensive practices around. The expense isn’t an issue now, but as our cats age, the frequency and price of visits go up. We may be pushed into some unhappy choices at some future point.

As home interest rates subside ever so slightly, home sales have nipped up just a bit. Homes at the lower end of the spectrum are still stupidly expensive in my view, but they’re selling. The higher the price rises, the slower they sell. Houses at the upper end are barely moving at all.

We’ve scheduled a number of trips with the RV for this summer. Other Grandmom has been most gracious in helping us out in the daycare department, although I’m lobbying for at least one overnight with the grandkids. Mrs. Freeholder isn’t so sanguine as I about the prospect.

I am relearning my time management skills a bit. It struck me that what I’m doing now has many similarities with when I was working. So I’m planning out goals for each day, even if it is just to do one simple thing. I hung a new light in the hallway last week, and it was the only thing I did that day other than hold kids. But it made me feel better about the prospects of being able to get things done and still take care of kids. I take my small victories where I find them.

Neighbor Across the Street’s wife has had a cancer scare. Fortunately, while there were some pre-cancerous polyps found, the was no cancer. I know there were many prayers on that woman’s behalf. We prayed and God answered in the affirmative. There are still things for her to do.

I have taken some time here and there to play ham radio. The bands have been mostly accommodating, and I’ve made contacts in several new countries. My Mixed-Mode DXCC is oh so close. I’ve completed a Mixed-Mode WAS (Worked All States), but haven’t claimed the award. I guess I need to get on that. 🙂

Out here.

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