A random find in the basement

I think I’ve mentioned somewhere that I’m trying to clear off my workbenches and finally, 16+ years after moving in, have the basement organized. I managed to get the workbenches cleared off a couple of years ago, but as I accumulated more projects and more random stuff, they disappeared again. I’m slowly working my way along them, picking up projects and completing them while trying to figure out if the random stuff needs to be kept or tossed.

One part of this process was to clean off and organize a set of shelves that holds old paint, some of the lubricant collection, some cleaning products and serves as the winter home to some of our plants. That’s where I found the above pictured lubricant/cleaner.

Look at the label. Western Auto, as a brand, has been gone for 20 years. That 97¢ price tag? More like $8 if you buy a two pack. An 825% increase in price over 20-something years. Or your dollar’s purchasing power has declined that much on that particular item–take your pick. Either way, it’s astounding. Fortunately for me, there’s still about half a can there. Plus one or two more sitting around, and the gallon I bought a few months ago.

It’s now back on the cleaned and reorganized shelves, awaiting its next call to duty.

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