You’ve probably seen magnetic poetry on someone’s refrigerator. Maybe it was done with a kid’s magnetic ABCs, or perhaps someone did it with a kit from Magnetic Poetry.

With the arrival of the new-to-us basement fridge, I suddenly had a large white canvas that needed to be filled. The magnets on the old mini-fridge made the jump, but there was still an entire freezer door right there at eye height that needed something. So this kit from Magnetic Poetry was obtained. What you see above was the first thing to come out of it. It materialized as I put all the magnets on the door.

As a kid, I remember reading theories about how things such as the I Ching and tarot cards worked. One version was that a person somehow subconsciously or through some psychic means that science has yet to identify and understand, influenced the fall of the reeds or cards. You were, in essence, tapping into long-ignored parts of your mind, parts that were capable of divining the future.

Maybe it works that way, maybe not. History is filled with soothsayers and prophets of many kinds. Who’s to say that these magnets don’t somehow tap into that unseen river?

Does this lineup of words predict the state of things today, or maybe for Thanksgiving Day (when it was created) or for Thanksgiving and a few days after? Looking at the news, it doesn’t appear that anything world-altering has taken place yesterday or today. By recent standards, it’s sort of quiet, actually.

Watch this space for further news from beyond. 🙂

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