Report from the OP, July 27, 2020

Project Thor

Up first are several macro items I’ve noticed since the last report.

Among those who are not fans of the Wuflu jabs, much has been made of a decline in fertility rates among the jabbed. While the jabs may reduce fertility, they’re hardly the only cause. The global fertility rate has been declining for some decades now and is down to 2.4. (2.1 is required to maintain a given population level.) Fertility rates matter-ask the Japanese. The guys at Forward Observer have turned me onto Peter Zeihan‘s The End of the World is Just the Beginning, which posits a global population crash. The impacts of such a collapse will be pretty dire.

Inflation, per the government, now stands at 9.1%. An interesting detailed breakdown is here on Twitter. Yes, I’ve gone back to Twitter. As much as I hate the place, there is simply too much good information there to ignore it.

At the left is the current graph from Shadowstats. It appears they’re holding the number at about 17.5%. This situation is painful and likely to get more so before it gets better.

It appears that my earlier take that gas prices are declining because of demand destruction is getting some support from the official numbers. This is both good and bad. Good, because the prices are coming down. Bad, because evidence of demand destruction means the economy is slowing down

Russia once again claims they are pulling out of the International Space Station. From a personal standpoint, my reaction is “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.” However, their threat to build their own space station is a bit concerning. As far as we know, the idea of stationing weapons, including nukes, in orbit is still the stuff of science fiction (although the X-37B may have changed this according to some conspiracy theorists plot spoilers), but it wouldn’t take anything that isn’t within the technological grasp of several countries to make it real and a real threat. “I’ll see your hypersonic missiles and raise you orbital velocity projectiles.” Project Thor, anyone?

Now on to the micro items.

Gas prices are slowly moving down, though it seems the Bitty Burg is behind other local areas in that respect. 87 octane is $3.75-3.92/gallon. In nearby Small City, 87 octane is $3.55-3.89. Other Bitty Burg is $3.79-3.85/gallon. Interesting, the diversity of prices in areas on short drives from each other.

Mrs. Freeholder did the grocery run this week on her own. She reported that some items are thin but that overall the availability was “not bad”. Prices have continued inching up on many items.

I’m noting more wood piles appearing. Not many, but more than I’ve seen pretty much ever. Most are well covered to protect them from rain. A few folks are apparently antsy about staying warm this winter. Options are a good thing.

Speaking of rain, we could use some. I mowed yesterday in anticipation of rain that was on the radar screen. Someone forgot to tell the rain it needed to come by. We got a few drops. There is a possibility we may get some this evening. A lot of gardens have pretty much failed. I’m not sure why folks didn’t water them. The corn behind the house is in bad shape. A few more dry days and it’s gone.

Two RVs that were being used as residences are no longer in their accustomed locations. There’s no way to know what became of them, although I’d sure like to know.

Amazon deliveries are getting even squirrelier than they have been. Some of the monthly “Subscribe and Save” items won’t be here until early next month. The good news is that some items that are staple for us are apparently back in stock and on the way. Given that they are difficult to source locally, this is a Good Thing.

A serger. They’re used for finishing the edges of fabric so it doesn’t unravel.

I was able to buy a serger for Daughter. I’m told it is a good brand (forget the name and too lazy to go look-it begins with a “B”, I think) and that I got a good deal on it. It belonged to the sister of a guy in one of the ham clubs I’m a member of. I hope she’ll have time to put it to good use, what with babies and all.

Mrs. Freeholder says she will have supper on the table soon, so I’m calling it for this time around. Out here.

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