Fine Art Tuesday

Once again, I’m redefining a craft to be an art. 🙂

Barn quilts are widely believe to have started in 2001 as an Ohio woman’s way of honoring her mother, a traditional quilter. However, it didn’t take long for the idea to catch on with others, and now barn quilts are seen across the US and into Canada. The canvas has also expanded from actual barns to nearly any building. Heck, I’m considering one for our camper cover, as it’s the closest thing we have to an actual barn. This, perhaps.

It would be a challenge, and different to boot.

Barn quilts come in a number of patterns, ranging from traditional quilt squares to new patterns created specifically for this new art form.

If you have a particular interest in barn quilts, there are “barn quilt trails”, where you can take a scenic drive through an area and see the various barn quilts folks have put up. It can make for a fun day.

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