Pickin’ and grinnin’

Sorry for disappearing, but I’ve been at the Carolina Pickers at the Denton (NC) Farmpark. First time for me, probably not the last time, unless WWIII interferes. Sorry to let reality intrude into what I had planned on being a brief break from the “all Armageddon, all the time” that is dragging us all down. However, that, plus the constant singing of *President Poopypants’ praises, was something of a topic for discussion with most folks in attendance.

I decided to go spend a couple of days in Denton because A) I needed a break from the world, because next week is going to suck and B) Hoping I could score some things I’ve been looking for. I was somewhat successful at both.

Some things I bought were more decorative in nature, such as the 1914-mid-20s Blue Ball Perfect Mason Jar and the old Charles Chips can. They didn’t cost much, and I enjoy looking at them. The Charles Chips can in particular brings back some memories.

Other things were more useful in nature. I found one “tool and stuff” vendor who, miracle of miracles, had good stuff at good prices. I got 3 cans of Sea Foam Motor Treatment ($20), coils of 20 or 25′ (depended on the size) of split loom ($5/coil), 22 generic 4 1/2″ cut-off wheels for my angle grinder ($15) and a pair of purple coated gloves for Mrs. Freeholder ($1).

And then there these guys at $50 for the 3. The watch seems to work, but if it doesn’t and I can’t figure it out, I know a good watch repair guy. I’m putting them down as my best buy of the show.

There were also other good buys, especially if you are rebuilding some sort of old/classic automobile. I talked to a guy who got a custom made heavy duty aluminum radiator for a Ford Model A for $100. Nicely made, too-very good welding technique. There were tables of intake and exhaust manifolds, valve covers and carburetors. Also heads, transmissions, engines, various sorts of pumps-you name it, somebody had it and wanted to make it yours.

I expected more toys. There were some, with Hot Wheels being the majority of them. Also some old stuff, but nothing that called out “Take me home!”, at least to me. I did, however, bring this home. It shall be cleaned up and packed away until it’s time to start teaching small unit infantry tactics to the grandkids. Fiddycent. Really. Bargain of the show.

And there were tools. Many tools, both modern and antique. I didn’t see anything much that I needed, until I happened over these in a box that the vendor claimed he hadn’t even looked at. He should have, because these were the steal of the show.

Those are made by Starrett. $5/each. They need cleaned up, but seem to be in very good shape. I wish he’d had the inside caliper as well. The hunt will continue.

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