While the Freedom Convoy and its supporters seem to be having considerable fun in Ottawa and elsewhere, bear in mind that this is serious stuff and they’re serious people. They may not approach it in a US manner, but they mean business, Trudeau knows it and he’s getting scared. He has invoked the “Emergencies Act” for the first time in history under that name. The predecessor of that act was invoked 3 times in the history of Canada, in WWI, WWII and during the 70s bombing campaign by Quebec separatists. So far the only actions under the act that have been mentioned are seizures of bank accounts (and two have apparently been seized), but speculation runs rampant on what he might do with his new powers.

I hope you join me in wishing the Canadian truckers, along with truckers in the EU, Israel and the US well. They’ve been joined by farmers and miners in some locations, so don’t forget them as well. I would never have expected popular anger to erupt this way, but here it is. Each of us needs to consider if we support them (FWIW, I do) and what we’ll do if and when the time comes to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

The Truckers for Freedom group on Telegram is calling for a general strike in Canada. They’re also calling on Canadians to empty their bank accounts, causing a run on the banks, as a response to the actions the Canadian government so far. No matter how you look at it, if a mass of Canadians respond positively, this is a big escalation of the situation.

Michael Bane has pointed out on his podcast a number of times that “anger is a virus”. I would say this group is currently quietly angry, but that can flip to open hostility in a heartbeat if the Powers That Be make the wrong poor decision. This may not go away quietly or soon, so consider the consequences of truckers not hauling cargo for an extended period of time or banks being closed, and how you would want to be prepared for that eventuality.

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