Everyone needs at least one good knife

SOG Flash II

Like the post title says, “Everyone needs a good knife.” In actuality, you need several. A bunch is even better. And as Project Farm demonstrates in a recent video, having them needn’t be expensive.

I’ve always known that SOG made some good knives at a really affordable price. I own 3 of them, including my EDC Flash II and a spare copy, bought when I thought I’d lost the original. There’s also a Twitch II in the dresser drawer, used as a BBQ knife. I aspire to a SOG Super Bowie, but I keep putting that off due to price. I’d kill for an original S1 Bowie, but I don’t think even that will get me one. They are all simply excellent, even if you don’t consider the price. Good build quality and very good materials. For those who care, a fair number of their knives are made in the USA. Lifetime warranty.

Over time, I’ve turned into a minor grade knife guy. As with guns, I have more than I can ever use. At least they don’t eat ammo. I have a Buck 119 75th Anniversary edition and a Buck 110 Folding Hunter. I carried a cheap knock-off of the 110 all the way through high school (dating myself again). I eventually took a small chunk out of the blade near the tip. For some reason, I kept the knife. At some point I want to regrind it and give it to a grandkid. I have a bug for the yellow-handled Case knives, and there are several I keep in a display on the bookshelves behind me. There is a Gerber, and I’ve owned a couple of the Smith and Wesson knives, a gift from Mountain Man. Those last unfortunately had that nasty early 2000s plastic that would turn into goo. You can’t clean it and you can’t peel it off, so eventually those went. I wish I had kept them, since I now have enough tools that I can do some basic knife making. It would have been fun to build new handles for them.

I also have a fistfull of Victorinox Swiss Army knives of various types. I own a couple of the excellent Morakniv Companions, perhaps the best $20 fixed blade knife in existence. There are a handful of “gimme” knives that I hang onto as possible trade goods.

So yeah, you need a good knife. Or a few. Or more.

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  1. My husband is a knife guy also, years of collecting, using, sharpening, etc. He’s become a fan of the Morakniv also. It’s a good choice for utility at a great price.

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