Can someone give me a good explanation why you would spend the money to develop a weapons delivery platform whose only reasonable use is to deliver a nuclear weapon unless one had or expects to have nuclear weapons?

The missiles this sub is believed to carry can reach a bit over 300 miles, which puts not only all of North Korea within reach, but the majority of the Chinese population as well. IMHO, the games has just changed in Asia, and we have *President Joe Biden in charge.

This may come in handy.

2 thoughts on “2+2=4

  1. RT is a propaganda mouthpiece for the Russian government. RT is a questionable source that consistently promotes propaganda and conspiracies. It has poor or no sourcing of the information published it’s the stories and a complete lack of transparency. It is fake news.

    I am very disappointed in your posting this story from a known well source of disinformation. You can do better than this.

  2. First, there is no media outlet that doesn’t have anywhere between a slant and outright favoritism on their reportage. As a savvy media consumer, you should be able to separate the wheat from the chaff on any media site you peruse, and that includes this blog. I ask no one to take anything I write at face value, and I always encourage people to do their own homework.

    Second, since you have failed to do your homework…
    Bloomberg, 3 days ago:

    Yahoo News, 2 days ago:

    The Stars and Stripes, 2 days ago:

    While these stories differ in tone and content, the basic facts are the same throughout.

    If I’m still failing to meet your expectations, feel free to go elsewhere. I pay the bills for this place and I source my information from where I damn well please. I’m not infallible by any stretch, but I do have this odd habit, instilled by a journalism prof of many years ago, to check my sources. Not always easy these days, but this one was.

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