Creeping Big Brotherism

I hate pedos and their porn. In my “official capacity” at one employer I had to assist an agent of the NC State Bureau of Investigation in tracking down one where I worked. He had a computer full of the stuff. Absolutely disgusting. Worse yet is he got off because he claimed he had clicked on “some website” and it just magically started downloading.

Pull the other one.

At least it got TPTB to fund and allow the installation of security software that more or less stopped such shenanigans. I understand my successor killed it because he didn’t understand how to use it. Shocked face, etc.

However, Apple is going too far with a reported “baked into the operating system” kiddie porn detector. How could anything possibly go wrong with such a fine idea? I’ll give you just one problem-false positives. It is impossible that the software will be flawless. There will be false negatives and false positives. A false negative means the pedo isn’t found. A false positive means you get a SWAT team conducting a dynamic entry on your home at 4 AM.

Here’s the deal. If Apple follows through with this nonsense, over a decade of iPhone ownership (and probably iPad ownership as well) comes to a screeching halt. It will be difficult to persuade Mrs. Freeholder to give up hers, but I’ll figure it out. I’ll buy some unlocked Android phones and tablets off eBay or Facebook Marketplace and install the LineageOS distro on them.

I am done supporting those who don’t support me. Now off to Apple’s website to deliver the same message, and get this non-answer.

We’ll see how well they listen.

Edit, 8/6/2021 1726: Brietbart’s take on the story.

2 thoughts on “Creeping Big Brotherism

  1. And if it is a false positive, I would expect that there will be a lawsuit when the door gets kicked in at 3 AM by SWAT.
    I know I would sue.

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