I am off vacating with family and friends in the Deplorable Davos, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I’m hoping to post this week, but all I have with me is an iPad, so it’s like learning how to work my blog all over again. So fair warning, thing may get a little weird here as well as in Pigeon Forge.

Today has been devoted to simply wondering around at random, sampling things. I can say that Publix is pretty cool for a grocery store and that the traffic makes Myrtle Beach in season look pretty good. The place feels like Myrtle Beach with mountains, but it’s less expensive. I’ll say that I’m glad I didn’t haul the RV up here. There are some nice looking campgrounds, but like I alluded to earlier, the traffic is insane.

I need to get back I the game. Discussion is about where to eat supper, and that’s something I want input in.

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