Happy Thanksgiving!

From those of us still in residence at The Freehold, plus our extended family, we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is different when your kids are gown and moved out of the house. Thanksgiving was always held here, and now Daughter has taken on the hosting duties. She usually did most of the cooking, so it makes sense-and her dining room is bigger than ours.

We’re fortunate that our kids live close by, and we see them frequently, especially at the holidays. Many folks we know don’t have that luxury, and even before Wuflu were often only able to reach out by phone, and later, video. Damn poor substitute for a hug, but we do what we have to.

It would be easy to look back at 2020 so far and wonder just what we’re giving thanks for. The way I look at it, we’re still here and still fighting. Our family is fortunate that everyone who was working before this insanity is still working and we’re still doing OK in the economic sense. That’s enough for me. I hope that your family is doing as well or better.

Many have lost family, friends, businesses, homes and all they have worked for for a lifetime because of the ham-handed actions of our government in addressing the Wuflu “crisis”. Remember those folks in your Thanksgiving prayers. I will be praying for their safety and recovery.

After Thanksgiving with family and friends, Mrs. Freeholder and I are leaving for the final trip of the year in the RV. We’re pretty much 3 season “campers”, so when we return home it’ll be time to winterize the rig and start looking forward to spring and breaking it out of storage. Forgive me if I don’t look forward to the spring ritual of washing and waxing the beast.

Remember to keep the faith. While the mainstream media would like you to believe the election is decided, it’s still far from that. I think the next week or so will see some very interesting developments.

See you next week sometime.

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