You know, ya’ll got some dirty minds…

Not that kind of quickie. *sigh*

Normally, when the weather is good and there is no migraine, Saturday is a work day. Pretty much always has been. Probably always will be.

When I was a kid, it was helping my Dad on the weekends he was home, or helping my Mom when he wasn’t. As I got older, I still helped, because they did me the great service of allowing me to live there rent-free after I came back from the Army and was going to college. Stretched my savings and earnings considerably.

Once I got a career started and had moved out of town, for a few years it was a relaxation day for the most part. I lived in apartments, so all I needed to do was clean the place up, and how hard is that when the place is small and you generally don’t make messes anyway.

Then kids, and houses, and it was back to work, since it was the one work day per week I had at the house. I was able to handle small stuff like yard maintenance during the week after work, but big things needed Saturday. 

Then, we started spending weekends at our RV parked at the river, and I worked on the RV. Or washed the RV, the truck or the golf cart. There was always something that needed doing.

Thankfully, once the kids got older, I could occasionally shanghi them for some assistance. As my son in particular got older and more capable, he was a big help until he too got a job (maybe a career; we’re still considering that part) and moved out into his own apartment, where he now enjoys Saturdays off as I once did.

Now, I’m faced all the work and just me to do it. I have more days, but when you lose half of them due to your intractable health issue and you finally face the fact that 6 decades have put some wear on the body, long days of physical labor aren’t so much fun.

I’ve already unloaded a truck full of that cheap firewood I talked about a while back. It is in the grass of the end of the driveway, and it needs to get to the woodshed. I also need to get the little Mantis tiller running. There is yard maintenance to do. It was stored properly, but hasn’t been run in some years, and I expect to have problems of the carburetor variety. I knew to run the fuel out, but didn’t know doing that would screw up the diaphragm with time. We learn by doing.

It’s suddenly decided to go from Fall to Late Fall, and I need to get the outside plants in. Not sure where they’ll all go, but I’ll figure it out.

Enough of using the blog to delay the inevitable. Off to work.

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