Zenith 9-S-262, manufactured in 1938

Remember the old Lays potato chip commercial-“You can’t eat just one!” I’m not much on chips but old .22 rifles and old radios are a weakness. The one on the left is the latest addition to the stable.

So far, I know it needs a knob (got a replica on the way, old stock is hard to find, but I’ll watch for one), it needs a good cleaning, I think the tuning belt is almost shot, it will almost assuredly need all the capacitors and some resisters replaced and the cabinet needs repair and refinishing. There seems to be what I call a “capacitor stack” missing. I’m betting some tubes are bad. I’ll have to do something with power, since I’m told they really don’t care for modern 120v+ power. Still, for $150 I’m not complaining.

The 9-S-262 was Zenith’s entry level 9 tube radio for 1938. With Magic Eye tuning and the very cool shutter dial (as you change bands, a new dial swoops in from the sides), it was a technology tour de force for its time.

This one already has a place waiting on it. It will probably be a while before it gets there, though. This will be something of a learning experience. Yay, learning!

More pictures:

All those patents
Some of the cabinet damage
The chassis is in very good condition. No rust!
Big ol’ speaker
More damage, but nothing like the other side
This seems to be mostly wear
The original grill cloth is in very good condition except
for this one spot

2 thoughts on “Acqusitions

  1. For some reason over the past few years, I too have been accumulating old .22 rifles. I have two right now requiring restoration, and one that came out beautiful and is a great shooter. Nothing valuable, but worth my efforts to bring them back and enjoy them again. To me, there is no such thing as a "bad" gun. The thought of them ending up in a stupid gun buyback scheme makes me ill.

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