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“They hit us, we hit them.”

I’m not sure that’s an actual quote from “A Piece of the Action”, but it’s close. Somewhere in that episode, the concept of “a hit” was being explained. On Sigma Iotia II, hits were reciprocal. No one hit you with out your hitting back.

So BLM/Antifa has apparently watched that Star Trek episode.

โ€œIf you kill one of ours, itโ€™s time for us to kill one of yours!โ€

“We got them right here. We got a couple right here.”

“Pull it out!”

“Right here?”

*shots fired* 

It doesn’t take a great intellectual leap to conclude that these things are in reaction to earlier (and as far as I can see, self-defense) shootings in Kenosha, WI by Kyle Rittenhouse.

This is how we will sleepwalk into a hot civil war. Right now, I see no way of stopping it, short of Divine intervention or a massive Federal action that could cause as much trouble in the long term as the rioting.

Got those preps squared away yet?

2 thoughts on “Hits

  1. Oh, sure, tell me to be prepped (is four lockers in three cities in two states enough?) then entice me down the rabbit hole with Star Trek links. And here I was gonna do something useful with my time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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