A visit with my mechanic, a report from Walmart, an interesting tidbit on Son and today’s bags

I stopped by my mechanic to set a time next week to get a couple of things they had found with my truck finished out. Out of curiosity, I asked if they were having any issues with parts, especially stuff from China. He said not so far and asked why. I told him and we talked Wuflu preps for a bit. He’s 28 or so, and impressively, he’s taking this seriously. Good kid.

Now for Walmart. As I go through things here at the Freehold and read various thing on the Intertubz, I keep a list of things I need to pick up. Today’s list sort of dictated Walmart or 4 stops at various stores, so I elected Walmart. I’m glad I did.

Several items I wanted to pick up are gone, baby, gone. No rubbing alcohol-even the 70% stuff was gone. No aloe, either. So much for DIY hand sanitizer. I’ll try again tomorrow elsewhere. I’m not dying for it as I have a fair supply of the commercial stuff, but it’d be nice to have handy. Both ingredients have plenty of other uses.

Pain killers, cough/cold meds and flu relief stuff was heavily picked over, but I was still able to get what I need. We keep a decent supply of such things, so this is extra for kids, neighbors or whoever.

Sanitizing wipes were wiped out. Plenty of bleach, though.

Son, who has never shown the slighted interest in having anything set aside for an emergency (except money) had several boxes from Amazon arrive today. A Coleman propane camp stove, Eneloop batteries (he got one of their nifty kits), a Sawyer water filter, a couple of power banks and the like. I set him up with an LED lantern and batteries, several 1# propane cylinders and several large jugs to store water in, plus some advice on how to proceed from here. It seems he’s taking things seriously as well.

This evening I repackaged another 25# of flour, 5# of yellow corn meal and 2 boxes of Pioneer Baking Mix. It’s a bit more work than it sounds like.

One trick I’ve developed is to pack bags in the same number that oxygen absorbers come in a package. For the 500cc ones I’m using, that is 10, so 10 bags today.

Flour, corn meal and now rice is in the freezer, but those will need another day or two before they’re ready. Tomorrow will be putting the bags in buckets and more labeling.

More bags of a different size are also on order. The “quart” bags I got are, shall we say, rather less than that. They will work for things that need packed in smaller sizes, such as powdered eggs, powdered milk and the like, so no loss. When the bigger bags arrive, I’m splitting up the various dry beans.

I’ll never feel I’ve done enough, but I suppose that’s a normal human reaction. I’ll keep reading and adding stuff until this thing turns into a nothingburger (not expecting that) or I can’t get anthing more.

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