Should I build an ark?

Asking for a friend.

The Southeast has been slapped by some of the worst weather in quite a while. In my AO, this has been an exceptionally wet winter. The ground is saturated and every heavy wind is uprooting trees-and has been for a month. Starting late last night, we got more rain. In slightly less than 24 hours we’ve gotten 4.37″ of rain here at the Freehold. The video is something I shot near home. I saw worse but didn’t have the presence of mind to get it “on tape”.

Hey, we missed the tornado. About 50 miles away, Mrs. Freeholder was in and out of the hallway with her elementary school class several times, but nothing happened.

I monitored the scanner for most of the afternoon. Flooding and road wash-outs were the order of the day. The public safety folks and road crews earned their keep in spades.

We’ve had the power flicker a time or two, but utility-wise, the big concern is the septic system. I just walked out during a break in the rain, and the strongest smell is raw sewage. I’m guessing my and everyone else in the neighborhood’s septic system is pretty much non-functional. Of course, I sort of figured that when I got home this afternoon and saw the area over the leech field standing in 3″ of water.

So it’s time to dig into the preps. We’re saving water down the drain for flushing toilets, and as little of that as possible. So out come the baby wipes and the bathing cloths. Good enough for the guys in the Sandbox; good enough for us. Also the paper plates and plastic utensils. No laundry, but I caught that up yesterday. Pays to pay attention to the forecast.

No water in the basement so far. If it doesn’t come in now it may never get in. A silver lining for the gray clouds.

It’s going to be a smelly few days until the water recedes.

Since Blogger can’t see it’s own videos to put in a thumbnail, 

I had to find a graphic. Appropriate, huh?

Edits, 2/7/2020: From the tornado zone. Bad, but not that bad. No one injured as far as I have heard.

And from closer to home. More. Confirmed tornadoes in one, now two, locations.

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  1. A friend and I were discussing this very topic last night (we're both about 60-70 miles or so south of where I think you might be, so we experienced similar precipitation levels and tornado threats) and we decided that while an ark, as such, was overkill, a decent-sized inflatable raft might be worthy of consideration.

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