Virginia-Pay attention to the dance

I was hoping to stay off the topic for the holidays; I managed Christmas. During that time I’ve given the situation a lot of thought, and I’ve reached some conclusions.

Virginia’s Dictator in Waiting has requested an increase in the prison budget in order to jail gun owners after the legislature enacts gun control. If you’re shocked, you shouldn’t be. This is another step in the dance. A budget increase of $250,000 in the Virginia prison budget is noise. That’s doughnut and coffee money for all the committees that it would take to consider what to do with half the state’s population.

This request serves several purposes, none of them the stated one. First, it’s the Democrats way of letting those damn uppity rednecks out in the sticks know they’re serious. Second, it keeps the topic in the news, right when the holidays had caused it to die down.

It’s the third thing we need to worry about. They know and understand all this, and it’s just icing on the cake. What they really want to do is keep those rednecks riled up. That’s because, when they pass their laws, they want, they need, they crave that civil disobedience that will follow. I imagine they’re also hoping for dead cops and a mutinous National Guard, burning buildings, blood in the streets and the lot. The opportunistic riots and looting from The Diversity will be icing on the cake.

Why? “Surely they can’t win this in the long run; the courts will strike the laws down as unconstitutional!” And they likely will, once this gets to the US Supreme Court, although that isn’t ever a sure thing.

But that court battle will take time, and a lot of it. The state attorney general and court system will drag things out for years. In the meantime, no matter what anyone thinks of the laws that started all this, the Federal government (Virginia borders DC; can’t have all those bureaucrats in danger, dontcha know) will have no choice but to step in and restore order, and that will include enforcing the laws on the books-all of them.

During this time, there will be de jure and de facto gun confiscation in Virginia. Maybe because of the new laws, maybe because of martial law. The reason won’t matter, the guns will be gone. Gone just like all the ones illegally confiscated in the aftermath of Katrina. They will be gone forever. Mishandled, poor records, bad storage-they be disappeared or ruined.

And the gun grabbers, including that bastard Bloomberg who financed all this, will win. This is going to happen in every state where demographics are working against us. All they have to do is be patient. Not their strongest suite, but they’ve proven they can do it.

It’s time to start reevaluating things like The Free State Project and James Wesley, Rawles’ Redoubt. We’re going to need to make demographics work for us, and damn soon. Or we’ll have no place left to go.

For the first time, I find myself actually hoping for an early societal collapse.

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