Well, that didn’t work out

I’ve gotten some messages from folks who don’t care for the new format of the blog. I get it, it isn’t my favorite either. However, it’s the best of what Blogger offers, at least for what I was trying to do. However, I decided to break my own rule and spend some money on a “professional” theme. I did some research via search engine and found one I liked. It had the things from this one I wanted, plus addressed some things that I didn’t care for.

Unfortunately, after the purchase, a day’s work-including the creation of a test blog, and a lot of frustration, I’m calling an end to it, at least for this iteration. While I think I could eventually get it to be mostly what I seek, I’m not investing that much time in it. Plus, it would mean moving the blog to a new address, and I’m not interested in that at this time.

So, we’re all stuck with what is, at least for now. I’ll probably come back to this at some point. Just wanted to let you know.

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