Living (and dead) proof

Watch. Ignore the news tools and the blathering bystanders and just watch the parts from the surveillance camera. The good stuff starts about 1 minute in.

Here we have video proof of several points that firearms and self defense trainers have been making for years.

First, the gun isn’t not a magic talisman, it’s a tool. Bad Guy strolls in and tosses the bag at the store clerk and then turns his back on him. He acts as if the mere fact he has a gun is enough to keep things under control. As you see, that didn’t work out so well for him.

Second, Bad Guy didn’t seem to have adequate situational awareness. Again, he turned his back on his target. Not that I’m going to knock over a cell phone store, but if I did, you can bet your last round of ammo that I’m not turning my back on anyone in the place.

Third, be aggressive enough, fast enough. Bad Guy was neither. Good Guy, on the other hand, was. Notice when Bad Guy turned back around, he was facing a gun that was almost in firing position. Good Guy made his move deliberately, but aggressively and quickly.

Fourth, practice, practice, practice. Bad Guy appeared to be winging it. Good Guy, on the other hand, gives every appearance that he has thought this scenario through more than a few times. His draw appears to be practiced. There was no hesitation on Good Guy’s part. He knew what he had to do and got it done, smoothly.

And yes, I’m more than happy that Good Guy won. Pin a medal on the guy.

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