What’s up with commenting?

Comments have stopped working on a number of blogs such as Eaton Rapids Joe. The only commonality (other than I read them) is that they’re all Blogger blogs.

I’ve tried different browsers. Disabled add-ins. Downloaded one browser and used it fresh. Nada. I’ve tested my blog and they’re still working as they should.

Any wisdom from the crowd?

6 thoughts on “What’s up with commenting?

  1. I'm guessing some time back and I never noticed it because I wasn't commenting. They work at other blogs. So far, from my blogroll, I've found that ERJ are Silicon Graybeard don't work. Their comment section has a look that's different from any I see on other Blogger blogs. I suspect it's a security setting on my part, since I keep things fairly tightened down. But downloading Firefox and using it "out of the box" should have eliminated all that. I'll have to try a different computer next.

  2. Google black balled many of us all on the same day . 15 out of the 45 people in my underground church on the same day . I can only comment anonymous now . Something big is coming this way me thinks .

  3. In line with Google's never ending attempt to spy on our every bit if internet usage, they have changed something such that you can ONLY comment if you have 3rd party cookies enabled. This has been the fact for a while, though if you can publish comments on some, but not others there is probably some other aspect of your privacy settings they don't like.

    Since I have no intention of enabling 3rd party cookies in a browser I use, I have MS Edge set to accept such cookies, so I can post comments. Of course all cookies are deleted every time I close the browser, which I do, when I'm done with a comment. After all, I'm not using Edge for anything anyway. It being the world's most annoying browser.

    It is stupid, and it sucks, but that is Google in a 2 short phrases.

  4. Damn, but I'm getting tired of these big tech companies. I actually use Edge for this Google account. I guess I'll start fiddling and maybe see what it is that they object to. Thanks for the pointer.

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