Sending you off to read something else–again

(Via the Woodpile Report)

Last time, it was something that most folks who visit here would call fun, or perhaps entertaining, even though, when you consider the subject, it should have be equally disturbing and depressing. The subject matter, after all, wasn’t sunshine and puppies.

This time, after you have read this, I hope you find it disturbing, depressing and that it serves as something of a call to arms. Sorry, still no sunshine and puppies. Maybe next time.

Among my circle of family, friends and acquaintances, the subject of “Civil War II” is slowly becoming a more frequent topic of discussion. People are feeling out others on their stance on things political in not too subtle ways. It seems to me that there is a creeping realization that things are getting worse and they won’t get better until the Tree of Liberty has been properly nourished. I don’t have any perception that they are looking forward to this. They simply have seen enough that they’re concerned.

Metallicman, who I’ve never read until now, has a 5 part essay on “What the Progressive Socialist Liberals have in store for Conservatives”. It’s not easy reading, because he makes no effort to pull punches. You’re going to be disturbed, you’re going to want to disagree and you need to read the entire thing.

I hope that he’s wrong in his estimate. I hope we’re paying enough attention that we won’t get caught unaware on that final day. I know we all have the ability to lull ourselves into ignoring the possibility that he’s right, because it may all be on the line soon.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m on multiple lists. The question is, for each of us on a list, how we will deal with it if/when it starts.

Consider now, while you can.

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