A Happy Thanksgiving to you

 Jean Leon Gerome Ferris – ‘The First Thanksgiving’

I like to wish everyone who happens by a Happy Thanksgiving. Even in what I think of as trying times, we all need to find those things we can be thankful for and acknowledge them on this day.

I’m thankful that my Daughter’s wedding is successfully complete and that her and Son-In-Law have the resources to buy a home and start out their married life in such stellar fashion.

I’m thankful for my Son, who is being equally successful with his chosen trade and is out on his own, a productive member of society.

I’m thankful that both my children still live within a 15 minute drive of home.

I’m thankful for Mrs. Freeholder, who for reasons unknown still puts up with me after all these years.

I thankful that I’m still on the right side of the dirt and in relative health.

Last but hardly least, I’m thankful for those who continue to drop by and read my musings. Thank you all.

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