Feed the machine

There are a number of people who wonder why the “police action” in Korea wasn’t prosecuted with more vigor, why the Vietnam “conflict” was fought in a way that nearly guaranteed failure and why the the Gulf War/Global War on Terror is still going on at all.

There are also people who wonder why we put up with the joke we call “public education” and the contaminated industrial products we call “food”.

Other people continue to wonder why medical costs are so high in the US, why perscription drugs are so costly and why modern medicine seems less interested in curing diseases than in offering expensive treatments that don’t cure but do prolong suffering.

Color me cynical, but it appears to me that the group we call “the Deep State” views “the masses”, which have more lately been  known collectively as “deplorables”, as fodder for their cash cows.

Edit, 9/25/2018: Corrected an error in the final paragraph that made it clear as mud.

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