This ought to light off a few

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I’m at the age where ladies of quality began being very difficult to come by. Seriously. I’ve watched guys a decade, perhaps less, younger than I have no end of issues trying to find a good woman to settle down with. They’ve failed, often repeatedly.

In all fairness, I will also say I’ve heard the same complaint from women involving quality men. But for this post, we’re looking at this from the male perspective.

This seems to coincide with the rise of militant feminism. While I have no issue with women being treated equally in areas such as pay and so on, I differentiate that from the militant brand of feminism which seems to me to be nothing more than an excuse to scream “Down with the patriarchy!” at the top of their lungs while allowing their physical appearance to go to hell, all while not shaving things that their mothers all shaved and ignoring the basic rules of personal hygiene.

This, in turn, has led to something that I don’t think anyone would have predicted–the rise of the slut. These are the women who have no understanding of the concept of “morals” and who shave things their grandmothers would have never thought of shaving, all while piercing and tattooing themselves more than the average Amazonian tribe. At least most of them bathe on a regular basis.

There are, however, a fair number of young men and women out there who, often for reasons having nothing to do with what they are exposed to at home, what I would call “normal”. They have the usual urges and while their morals would be wholly out of place in the 1940s, in the 20-teens they are comparatively straight-laced. They are not interested in the usual “hook-up culture” that I saw on display during my lately concluded employment in higher education. They are interested in something more along the lines of what their grandparents had in the 1940s or 50s.

And that brings us to the JudgyBitch, doing laundry, cooking and a few other thing for her then boyfriend/now husband. Her advice for young proto-ladies on how to be a lady and not a female is a bit raw, politically incorrect in the extreme and totally refreshing. If I were younger and unmarried I’d ask if she had a sister.

If you’re a father of the correctly aged young female and you have the right sort of father-daughter relationship, you could do worse than exposing her to this thinking. The lady has got it figured out IMHO.

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