I must haz hit the Big Times

Like most people who blog, I probably attract one comment per hundred plus readers. So I’m thrilled to find 6 comments awaiting moderation.

All spam. I can make my girlfriend com crawling back to me (Sorry, I’m married, no time for a girlfriend), I can make a certain body part grow or be harder (OK, this has possibilities if true) or I can increase my Google rankings (Don’t give a flip).

You readers are going to have to start finding something to say, even if it’s just “You suck!” This spam is depressingly low quality. What ever happened to the funny 419 messages?

6 thoughts on “I must haz hit the Big Times

  1. Well, see, this is how you get readers to go to the comments- you tell 'em you got some juicy spam comments and we have to go see. 🙂

  2. Wow. There ARE others that read your blog and comment occasionally. I don't feel all alone any more.

    I check your blog daily, but only comment occasionally. I have written a number of comments, then read them for clarity and the decide what I wrote is best left unsaid. For some reason, even when I agree with someone, my comments wind up sounding critical.

  3. Ditto to you do not suck (as far as I know).
    Never been here afore. Was jus' ramblin' 'round ogglin' shit here and there, hit "In The Middle of The Right" an' leaned a bit further…to here. 'Spect I'll be droppin' 'round from time to time.

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