So yeah, I’ve been laying low

I’ve been busy. I don’t even remember if I’ve noted that the New Employer and I have parted ways (there’s a long story for another time), but I’ve been taking advantage of the freedom and the fall-like weather to catch up on things that I’ve let slip around here. It’s amazing how anything that steals the first few hours of the day from you hammers your productivity for the remainder of the day. That’s not something that I ever noticed up until now, because it was always “Into work and hit it hard.” A part-time job that stole those first precious hours was worse for my non-work productivity than a full-time job ever was. I would get home at 1 or so, grab a bite and then the next thing I knew, it was supper time and I’d accomplished exactly squat.

I’ve accumulated some tabs that all deserve better than a tab-clearing post, and they are going to get it, even if it takes some time to work through the backlog. I’ve also had a couple of experiences that deserve the same. You won’t get them in a specific order other than how I decide to write them.

As is the nature of blogs, this post will get pushed down by those posts, so I’m going to throw it up and then start writing the next one, which I’ll schedule for posting. I think the thing I’ve recently learned about productivity is about as important as any of the others posts, so it deserves it’s time in the sun.

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