I have got to close some of these tabs

(As usual in this situation, I forget where these come from. I’m sure more than one was from Michael Bane on Facebook.)

I was hoping to write about these items in some more depth, but the two weeks just past and the week coming up make me wonder if a job hasn’t sneaked up on me without my knowing it. 🙂 Although, on a serious note, I will be interviewing for one in the coming week, so wish me luck.

In the meantime…

How to Escape From Zip Ties. There is also a link to a much longer video on escaping from illegal restraint in general. It sucks to think that we may need to know these things, but with society in a mad dash to hell, you never know.

Learn Anything In Four Steps With The Feynman Technique. One of the serious geniuses of our time, physicist Richard Feynman was also noted as one of the greatest teachers of his time. This is why.

This is a rat hole I can go down for days. I love WWII history, and can’t get enough of any facet of it.

Analysis: What Civil War 2.0 Looks Like. Yes, back to that unfortunate subject. Sorry, but until it isn’t important any longer it’s important.

The Philando Castile Shooting and Some Advice for My Cop Readers by Greg Ellifritz. Probably not what you think it’s going to be. Spoiler–there was enough herp going around that night for everyone to get smeared with it.

Gabe Suarez on yelling during a critical incident. Gabe’s an iconoclast and he keeps on being one here. But he’s an experienced iconoclast, so it behooves us to consider what he says.

Racial Differences in Self Control. Yeah, if this one gets the publicity that Herrnstein and Murray’s “The Bell Curve” got, it’s going to start one major shit storm. I’m not a researcher, but based on what little I know about vetting studies they appear to have done most of their homework.

Any way, there’s some stuff to entertain yourselves with. Enjoy.

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