The GOP says its going to get strapped; the left loses its collectivist mind

I should have seen it coming–really I should. When I posted this morning about GOP Congressman Thomas Massie introducing a bill calling for concealed carry permit reciprocity in the District of Columbia and I said “I hope the Democrats shit themselves. Literally.” I honestly didn’t think that they’d do it in such a public manner or quite so quickly.

I didn’t count on the power of Twitter and the Twits that inhabit it.

It seems that New York Rep. Chris Collins was interviewed today and he espoused some distinctly Second Amendment views. Ditto for Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk. I don’t doubt that others aren’t thinking along the same lines but simply weren’t interviewed.

Predictably, the left is coming unglued. OMG, it’s gonna be Saturday Night in Dodge City! I mean, just read the tweats from the twerps in the above referenced article. They know it! It’s settled science!

Except it isn’t. In every state since Florida passed their concealed carry statute, we’ve been told that the blood was going to run in the streets, that gun fights would be breaking out over parking spaces and so on and so forth. There’s only one problem. The blood has stubbornly refused to flow. Ever. Anywhere. Any time. Period.

To make it worse, concealed carry permittees are, in study after study, the most law-abiding group in whatever jurisdiction is researched. Adding insult to injury, we accidentally kill fewer people every year than doctors.

So here they are, in all their pants-shitting hysterical glory: The American Left, once again pronouncing The Received Truth as only they know it.

Will no one rid us of these troublesome progressives?

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