He was Trump before Trump was Trump

“We rolled the dice with the future of this country,” he tells me. “And I think it’s going to come up snake eyes.”

I’m not a fan of Politico, and even while this article has its moments where it sets my teeth on edge, it has a point of view that’s worth consideration. Pat Buchanan was indeed espousing the same ideas as Donald Trump decades before Trump was elected. Unfortunately, he was far ahead of the public consciousness of the seriousness of the situation. Most people were too busy being lulled into semi-consciousness by a steady diet of cheap consumer goodies to notice how the country was being hollowed out by a succession of  Presidents and Congresses intent on cuddling up to a “New World Order” that the public was told would bring peace and prosperity for everyone.

Instead, it’s brought vast riches for a few, a vastly decreased standard of living for many, an improved standard of living for many others, constant “terrorism” and a world-wide sense that we have fucked up but no agreement on just how, where or when we did it. The election of Donald Trump, Brexit and the rise of nationalistic politicians everywhere are simply indications that we now “get it” and want something done–we just aren’t quite sure how or what to do.

I can remember when the Berlin Wall fell a few people warning that we would miss the Cold War. I never figured I would be one of the ones doing so.

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