About that light blogging lately

Yeah, totally my fault. I’ve been out enjoying the weather for a while. We took the RV RVing, I’ve been working in the yard, getting some things organized for some outdoor projects, sitting on the porch reading (hey, got to enjoy the retirement thing while it lasts) and talking to a former employer about some “casual” employment.

That last one, kiddies, is why you never do any of these, no matter how bad you think your job sucks. You may later determine that you were wrong. Burned bridges are bad things.

But this afternoon, my reading was inside on the Intertubz, in particularly SurvivalBlog. I really don’t read the folks on my blogroll like I used to, so when I do, it tends to be a binge read sort of thing. Probably good thing I went by there, because I found several goodies for you.

Here’s one for the Glock owners. Guns break, even Glocks. While some Glock owners think that is a heresy, I’m here to tell you that all guns break–it’s in their nature as mechanical objects cursed with moving parts. It really doesn’t matter what brand they are, they break.  Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training has a listing of all the parts that commonly break in Glocks. Spend a few bucks and buy spares.

One for the prepping folks is Wertz’s Home Grown Beef and Pork. I’ve not tried this myself, but the review at Survivalblog is glowing. They have a variety pack that seems made for sampling. It’s not cheap, but good meat is expensive and this stores for 15 years. It’s also pre-cooked, which means in an emergency you won’t need a lot of fuel to use it. Remember, this is prepping we’re talking about, not grocery shopping.

Here’s one that didn’t come from Survivalblog, but something they linked lead me to it. The gun safety types are going to go apeshit over it and reasonably so–it could have been done without exposing anyone to risk. I wouldn’t have done it this way, but the info is important. If you’ve never had the experience of having incoming rounds “thwip” past you, this is what it sounds like. Commit it to memory, because you may not realize the sound of gunfire is pointed at you. You will, however, hear the rounds pass you if they’re still supersonic. It’s a nasty little sound.

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