I’ve been trying not to go into politics

But I just can’t help myself. Great Bleeding Ghu, how tone deaf do you have to be?

The nation votes in President Donald Trump, in part because they want Obamacare to die a horrible death sooner rather than later. However, the Grand Ossified Party, who has voted over 60 times to repeal that same law, when finally faced with a chance to do so and make it stick, comes up with a replacement that can best be characterized as Obamacare: The Sequel.

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the Dead Horse House, ignoring the hue and cry from all corners, including the Freedom Caucus within his own party, forges ahead, business as usual. President Trump for some unknown reason decides that the ones who got him to the White House suddenly no longer matter and signs on to this unholy offspring of the GOP and the insurance and healthcare industries. We’re gonna close us a deal!

And it gets shot down. Never even got to a vote because Ryan would rather not have the vote than watch it go down in flames.

Personally, I’m glad they pulled it, and grateful to the people who helped kill it. I’m actually enjoying the glee on the other side of the street. I hope it stings like hell on our side–you idiots deserve it.

Now Trump has decided to go on to tax cuts (There’s a stupid idea, with healthcare costs now scheduled to go to the moon, Alice, to the moon!), but he has said he’ll be happy to work on a bi-partisan version of Obamacare repeal–as if the Democrats have any interest in that. They’re all to happy to follow Napoleon’s dictum, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is doing something foolish.”

This was off to a fun start, but everyone took their eye off the ball. They’ve forgotten why they got elected and figured they could go back to the Same Old Thing and we’d put up with it. Wrong-a-rini. A few highly principled folks stopped you, and God bless ’em for doing it. Now stop futzing with taxes and go back to work and bring us real healthcare reform. Or 2018 is going to be a really fun election for you.

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