It’s coming home…

I just wish I felt a little more enthusiasm. Instead, I feel like I’m awaiting the verdict of my mechanic on a car that already has 200,000 miles on it and was towed in after making some terrible noises before it died on the side of the road.

Today FedEx notified me via email that my Gen 4 Glock 30, the gun that put the “ouch” in malfunction, is on its way home. I’m a little miffed about the circumstances, as I had to send it overnight at the inflated overnight rate and Glock gets to return it via 2nd day service, and that means it will be Monday before I have it back.

However, since my range has a lot of construction going on, Monday is probably a better day in any case.  The weather forecast is for no rain and warm temps, so as soon as I have it in my grubby paws, I’m heading out for some testing. Obviously I’ll have a post about how that goes.

I’m really hoping for a gun that functions as well as my Glock 21 Gen 4, which is to say flawlessly. My internal Doubting Thomas figures that, if I’m lucky, it will be functional enough to sell off with a clear conscious. There is always the possibility, as the Intertubz has noted, that there will be no improvement. We’ll see where on the continuum we land.

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