Wrestling pigs

(Via Michael Bane on Facebook)

At Ace of Spades HQ, there is a piece that should be read, “How Losing My Political Values Helped Me Gain My Freedom”. Those of you who have been stumbling by here for a while know I’ve advocated for using Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals against the leftist/progressives for quiet some time. It seems that someone else has realized that this is a possibility and a liberating one at that. Once you decide that you simply don’t give a shit any longer and that you’re willing to go as far you have to go in order to defeat your enemies, the fight’s not nearly as hard and frustrating as you’ve been making it. As a matter of fact, it can become sort of fun.

There’s an old country saying, “You got to git in th’ mud if you want to rassle a pig, boy.” It appears our side is finally coming to that realization.

Welcome to the party, folks. Pig sty is to your left. When you’ve had your fill, you can shower up over there (points). Mind the mens and ladies signs, this is North Carolina and we have laws about bathrooms. Clean clothes are on the tables. Glad to have your help.

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