So…How was everyone’s day?

I promised myself that on Election Day, I wouldn’t watch the news until late evening.  There was no possible way they had any useful facts to air, and all their suppositions and “polls” are usually worthless anyway.

So I went about my day and that evening went out to a meeting of some ham radio types.  I got home around 9:40.  I then proceeded to stay up until 2 AM, watching the election returns on various channels.  I watched the Trump win slowly form, but I finally had to go to bed.  I knew the momentum was on his side, but that the deal wasn’t sealed.  I woke up around 3:30 or so and checked my phone.  FoxNews had called it for Trump.  I rolled over and slept the sleep of a satisfied man until 8:15.

At which point I woke up and texted the Mountain Man.  “Happy Victory in DC Day.  How are we celebrating?”

Back came the answer.  “Be here by lunch.  Bring a pistol or 3.  Shooting inside.  And I have a machine gun reserved.  You’re welcome.”

So we spent the afternoon turning money into noise.  I got to shoot a subgun with someone’s else’s ammo.  You’ve never seen wider smiles than the bunch of men at that gun store.  Nothing was going to tarnish the moment.  Victory was sweet.

More deeply, we all understood that the republic had just dodged a bullet.  For all those of you who voted to help us dodge that bullet, please accept my gratitude.  If any of my readers happen to have voted for one of the other candidates, rest assured I’m not gloating.  Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice for president, but he was the choice we were offered.  I honestly don’t think he is going to be 1% as bad as all the Internet butthurt I’ve seen today is predicting for our future.  At worst, I expect him to be about average.  I think there is some chance he may actually wind up being above average, but we’ll have to see how it shapes up.

Prepare yourselves for a wild ride.

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