Training. You need some.

(Stolen from Michael Bane on Facebook)

If you carry a firearm for self defense, you need training.  You already know that.  The question is, what kind of training do you need?  John Meyers speaks to this subject on ZeroGov.  Actually, I should say he delivers a rant on it at ZeroGov, and it’s hard to blame him.  Far too much training centers around “training as entertainment” for the wannabe Seal Team Delta 12 crowd.  That’s great, I suppose, if you have that sort of time and money, but for those of us who can budget for one major class per year, that training is worse than useless.  We need training for the sorts of situations we may actually encounter out here in the Real World–car jacking, armed robbery, workplace violence and that sort of terribly pedestrian but happens everyday sort of crime.

Maybe some day we’ll get some of that showing up somewhere near my AO performed by some of the quality names in the business.  Hey guys, North Carolina is a desert for quality training!  A lot of us are waving money at you!


While I have you attention and we’re speaking of training, not all self defense training involves a gun.  You need to know the legal issues that revolve around armed self defense.  One good way to do this is by taking Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense course.  I’ve taken it, and it’s is worth the time and money.  It will keep you from talking yourself into jail after a shooting.  It will keep you from putting yourself into jail by committing a bad shoot.

It’s coming to North Carolina in August and to a city near you sometime in the future.  You can do it on line if you’d rather, or you can just read the book.  I suggest the class if possible, because you get to ask questions, which can be quite valuable.  At $200 for a one day class, it’s on par with most other training, cost-wise.

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  1. If you sign up on or before July 6th, it's $150. And no matter when you sign up, if you use discount code "Variety" at checkout, you get 10% off. I've taken his class and it's fantastic.

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