“Earn it.”

Sorry to interrupt your Memorial Day holiday with some brutal truth, but you need to ask yourself a question:  “Have I earned it?”

Sure, it’s a line from a movie, but it’s a damn good line, and truth is truth, no matter where you find it.  So, “Have you earned it?”

The men and women who have written a blank check to this country since the 1700s have paid the price for us to be where we are today.  What do you suppose they would think of our current situation?  What would they say about a presidential election where our choices are between a traitorous criminal, an avowed socialist and a megalomaniacal boor?  About a foreign policy that has entangled us in situations around the world where we should have stayed home?  About a domestic policies that would most likely have them quoting us something about “chains resting lightly”?

The time may well be near when we too may have to earn it.  Something to consider on this holiday weekend.

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