The Gun Salesman of the Decade rides again

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I actually tried to watch the show this morning.  Really I did.  Me, who never watches our President do anything live, actually pulled up a stream of his Amazing Technicolor Crackdown on Teh Evil Gunz Announcement.  Bless his heart, the whale has labored and gave birth to a minnow.

I had to give up after they shocked the minnow for the 5th or 6th time trying to get a heartbeat and went back to work, proving several cases of what we in IT loving call “grade seeking behavior” on the part of some of our less ept students.

Discarding all his tears (Great Bleed Ghu, we have a President who not only bows to foreign potentates and wears mom jeans, but he cries on national TV as well), all the applause from the carefully hand-picked audience, the 76 references to himself and the hard, hard work of his team of fourth-rate hacks, all he managed to come up with was “We’re going to enforce the existing laws” and a few items that will most likely eventually get rescinded or tossed out in court cases.

However, in the funhouse mirror that is Washington politics, this apparently a huge victory for common sense gun laws and a big, big loss for the gun lobby.  Honestly and in all seriousness, unless they have something hidden up their sleeve, the worst things I can see is the Social Security Administration and direct medical reporting to the FBI.  Those I don’t care for, and I expect to see fought out in court, where I think we have a decent chance of winning on them.

One thing that Obama did get right in the lead up to this announcement to this–he isn’t a lame duck.  Oh no, he surely isn’t that.

He’s more of a cooked goose.  If this is the best he can do when “I’m not on the ballot again. I’m not looking to score some points” then somebody had better stick a fork in him, because he’s done.

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