I’m sorry

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Actually, I’m not, not even a little.  I’m enjoying the show way too much.

Today, it’s time for Peggy Noonan, once-upon-a-time speech writer for Ronald Reagan, to take a turn trying to figure out the phenomena that is The Donald.

“One is the deepening estrangement between the elites and the non-elites in America.”

Really?  What was your first clue?  The fact that the alleged “base of the Republican Party was staying home in droves on election day?  Good lord woman, we’ve done everything except take out billboards.

I stand corrected.

Mr. Trump’s supporters aren’t just bucking a party, they’re bucking everything around, within and connected to it.

Well derp.  The GOP (Greatly Ossified Party) has proven time after time that, once elected, its members cannot be identified from the members of that other party.  Why shouldn’t we be bucking at any and everything in it or its near its vicinity?

The people hate the elites, which is not new, and very American. The elites have no faith in the people, which, actually, is new. Everything is stasis. Then Donald Trump comes, like a rock thrown through a showroom window, and the molecules start to move.

I don’t buy the elites having no faith in the people as being new.  I seem to recall certain members of the Founding Fathers who didn’t have a lot of faith in the simple man.

I do, however, love the line likening Trump to a rock thrown through a showroom window.  He is causing that sort of mass upset.

I’m just waiting for him to start up one of those expensive cars in the showroom and start driving it like he stole it.

(Edit, 9/7/2015:  Sorry about all the blank space at the end.  No idea where that showed up from.  Fixed it.)

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