A Presidential question

Not to mention any names in particular, but just throwing something out there for you to consider.  The last umpteen presidents we’ve had have never built a business, have never faced the necessity of making a payroll.  To the best of my knowledge, only one of the current crop of fools has done so.

Not saying that any of the current crops of turd burglars will make a good president, more or less a great one, but if our real goal is to “get America back on track”–that is to get our economy growing, new businesses building, jobs created and so on–would you trust a life-long politician, a lawyer, or a guy who has been there and done that a bunch of times with the job?

Like I said, just something to consider.

One thought on “A Presidential question

  1. Two of the "recent" idiots made an honest living:

    George H.W. Bush started an oil company, and made a profit. (He also headed the Central Intelligence Agency for a while, which suggested a modicum of leadership ability.)

    His son, George W. Bush, also spend some time in the "oil business". *

    "W" also co-owned the Texas Rangers baseball team. *(Whether either of these ventures were ultimately "profitable" seems to be a mature of conjecture.

    Depending on how far back you wish to search, I might mention that Ronald Reagan also earned a living as an actor in the movies.

    Yes, these are all Republicans.

    I would provide some information about JFK, except that his business acumen seems not as well documented. He seems to have inherited wealth also, but not much information about how he re-invested it is available.

    However, such lights as Bill "zipper" Clinton and Barrak "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" Obama seem to be susceptible to the accusation that they never earned an honest dollar. YMMV

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