Time to clear the tabs

I had hoped to comment at length on these, but it ain’t going to happen.  Not even sure where I found them now, so wherever they came from, thanks.

First, Ten Important Things to Know About Violence.  This isn’t about violence in the sense the media uses the word, but in the politically incorrect sense–if someone attacks us, we are going to do violence on them until they stop.  The author takes those short phrases that we are all taught in training (“shoot until the threat is ended”, for example) and fleshes them out, discussing each in the context of their surroundings in an actual life or death situation.  It’s not a long read, but it’s a long consideration after reading it.

Crew 713 is a documentary in the making of a bomber crew in the only heavy bombardment group to be disbanded during World War II.  For 89 days in 1944, a time when many thought the war nearly won, the 492nd Bomb Group flew its B-24s into the teeth of the Nazi air defense over Europe, and paid a high price for their bravery.  If you have a few bucks to spare, there are probably worst ways to spend them.

Remember this picture?  Yes, besides the hotness that tore up the Intertubz, and besides the gun that tore up the American liberals, it raised a great question amongst gunnies–where does she carry her ammo?  Well, I have found out the answer–Zahal Israeli Tactical Gear.  Unsurprising that it would be an Israeli company.  It’s not like their country is surrounded by mortal enemies or something.

What really happens to ammo in a fire?  Well, the easiest way to get the answer is to burn some ammo and study the results.  SAMMI has done just that, and they’ve made a video available so that everyone from us to the various first responders will know exactly what they are getting themselves into if they ever run into a fire in a ammo storage facility, such as a gunny’s home.

Sig Sauer instructor Adam Painchaud discusses various methods of pistol carry and how to draw quickly, safely and effectively in this video from the National Shooting Sporst Foundation.

Need to coil cables so that they don’t tangle?  Yeah, I found that too.

Three books you might want to have around if you ever need to rebuild civilization.

That does it–tabs are cleared except for what I need to work.  Hopefully Chrome will act a bit nicer now.

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