Um-m-m…I don’t think so

It seems that a company “with roots in the Special Forces community” has decided that pistol sights aren’t hard enough to use and has come up with anew type of sight with multiple horizontal and vertical alignment points.

I haven’t went into this before, but I’m a former golfer–had to give it up when I injured my back in such a way that a proper golf swing leads to some very nifty pain in about 2 holes.  But golf, like firearms, is a game of fractions of degrees and inches.  A lot of the stuff I learned playing golf has transferred quite nicely to shooting.

One of those lessons was that, despite what Golf Magazine will tell you about “keep this, that an the other thing in mind while you swing”, humans simply can’t do that.  We are equipped to handle one thing at a time.  While we are quite adept at time slicing, thus giving the impression that we actually are doing multiple things at once, we really aren’t.  We’re like a big old computer–execute this instruction, now execute the next instruction.

Now anyone who has a Glock 17 or 19 and a $120 to spare, feel free to give them a shot and see how they do.  I predict that at best, you’ll shoot no better than you did before, and that you will likely shoot worse.

But your tacticool quotient will most assuredly go up.

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