Well, now they’ve done it

It seems that the Evil Party has decided to push on with the job started by the Seventeenth Amendment–they have broughtmore Democracy (capital “D”) to the US Senate.  At least they’ve only done it for judicial nominees; I assume they’ve decided to wait until next week/month/year before finishing off the concept of filibuster altogether.

Great Bleeding Ghu, it’s such a crappy idea even the Washington Post allowed Lamar Alexander (RINO-TN) to op-ed on what a crappy idea this is.  Others note that the move may take what minimal amount of “common ground” that was left and run it through the wood chipper, as if that would be a bad thing.  (I like gridlock in DC.  Keeps the bastards from screwing up anything else.)

Not that any of this really makes any difference.  While Rush Limbaugh reports that the Stupid Party will put things back to rights if they regain control of the Senate and will refrain from using it themselves, I sincerely doubt that.  Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and when you couple that with an urge for payback, the Stupid Party will have a merry old time one day getting even with the Evil Party.  And We The People will be the ones footing the bill and doing the suffering.

Here, once again, is my take on the entire sorry situation we find ourselves in.  If you aren’t ready for Bad Times, get ready.  There are a gazillion places on the web that will help you out with the how-tos of that process.  Go Google it up and start working on it now.

Things are speeding up, although it’s hard for us to see it.  However, I believe that a careful consumer of media can’t miss it.  If you only looked at the Drudge Report every day, that alone ought to be enough to tell you that something isn’t right.  Couple that with other sources, and the view gets pretty damn clear if you ask me.  I can’t tell you what will happen, when, what will trigger it, or even how to recognize for sure that we’ve reached the final stages of everything we know going to hell in a handbasket.  No one but future historians may be able to do that.  But it’s happening.  I see it, I feel it, I recognize it for what it is.  Many folks that I talk to don’t–they just know something is very wrong, that they are very nervous and it worries them that they don’t know why they’re nervous or what to do about it.

My friends, if you are feeling that, that’s your subconscious sending you a message.  Wake up and pay attention to it.

This isn’t a normal economic downturn attributable to the business cycle.  It isn’t even an economic downturn attributable to structural change in the economy.  As best I can tell, this time is unlike all that has come before for many, many generations–literally hundreds of years if I’m right.  I believe we are seeing a sort of Fourth Turning event, but one where it isn’t just that cycle, but one where a number of other cycles are turning as well–a sort of historical perfect storm if you will.  This is the sort of thing one sees, well, at the end of an age.  (Maybe the Mayans were right after all, and we were all incorrectly looking for a big BOOM! and missed the long and sustained rumbling of thunder.)

Things are going to get bad.  How bad we don’t know.  It may be Great Depression bad, it may be Great Depression For Decades Bad and it could be anything up to Mad Max bad.  It could be Day After bad or The Stand bad.  It could be no worse than what we have now bad.  We don’t know, and that’s scary.

I have long suspected that there are people behind the scenes who are really running the show.  Not in some tinfoil hat conspiracy nut way of thinking such things, but in the old-fashioned “power behind the throne” sort of way.  But this time, I think that their “never let a crisis go to waste” way of thinking, coupled with their willingness to instigate a crisis if a good one doesn’t come up when needed, is going to lead them into doing something universally stupid at just the wrong time.  And that wrong thing at the wrong time will be the crisis that precipitates–whatever it is that the event comes to be called.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong.  I’m too old to be playing partisan in the woods, too old to be trying to raise most of my own food, too old to watch the end of civilization as I’ve known it.  But this is one of those times where the price of being wrong is simply too high to pay.  I’m getting ready.

Are you?

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