I’ve been watching with interest the “festivities” in Washington, DC this morning as the Million Vet March on the Memorials kicks into gear.  While this seems to be a non-event in the eyes of the mainstream media, over on the citizen’s side of things it appears that, while a million may not have appeared, several thousand have.  So have the local law enforcement types, who might have been better advised to stay home.

So far, the only issues seem to have been the removal of the removal of the “barrycades” from various and sundry public spaces.  Given that this appears to be an utterly peaceful protest against a government mired in hubris and stupidity, I figure that the police  presence can do no good and could actually lead to confrontation where none was intended or necessary.  Of course, that could be exactly what those in power intend or think necessary.

Those in power need to remove their heads from their anal orifices for a minute, engage what is left of their ossifying brains if possible and consider that this is how revolutions get started.

We the people are getting good and pissed.  Time to see to all your preparations, both physical and mental (and spiritual if you’re so moved).  While it could be that the herd is shortly lulled back to sleep, it could also be that the stampede starts in 30 seconds.  You don’t want to be among the trampled.

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